In Remembrance (2012)

TW: No details, but this is a list includes people who have been murdered due to anti-LGBT violence and others who committed suicide.

“None of us can change the way the world was…But each of us now has an important role to play in creating a state where we can celebrate more birthdays and commemorate fewer murders.” – Sylvia Guerrero

This is the list of those who I am electing to remember specifically during this year’s Week of Action. These are only a portion of those who have lost their lives to anti-LGBT intolerance and violence; they were not the first of their kind and they will likely not be the last. Many were killed in recent years and the deaths of many were accompanied by excess bruality. I am aware of many other such victims – the fact that there are so many highlights just how much work is still to be done.

Red (Life)

Gwen Araujo

Fred Martinez, Jr.

Cathleen Thomas

Sakia Gunn

Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado

Ncumisa Mzamelo

Amancio Corrales

Andrew Anthos

Asher Brown

Steen Fenrich

Sanesha Stewart

Ukea Davis

Orange (Healing)

Matthew Shepard

Tyler Clementi

Samantha Johnson

Tyra Hunter

Bill Clayton

Juana Vega

Nicholas West

Tiffany Berry

Billy Lucas

Yellow (Sunshine)

Larry King

Seth Walsh

Ryan Skipper

Lateisha Green

Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar

Courtney Bright

Jamey Rodemeyer

Michael Sandy

Scotty Joe Weaver

Johnny Lloyd Griffin

Tommy Lee Trimble

Green (Nature)

Rebecca Wight

Julie Williams

Lollie Winans

Eudy Simelane

Gary Matson

Winfield Mowder

Allen Schindler, Jr.

Talana Kreeger

Dominic Crouch

Tyli’a Mack

Blue (Serenity / Harmony)

Danny Overstreet

Fred Mangione

Barry Winchell

Roxanne Ellis

Zoliswa Nkonyana

Charlie Howard

Thanh Nguyen

Chanel Larkin

Sean Kennedy

Dano Fetty

Stephanie Thomas

Violet (Spirit)

Angie Zapata

Rebecca Dowski

Bella Evangelista

Jamie Hubley

Michelle Abdill

Justin Aaberg

Nizah Morris

Brandon Teena

FannyAnn Eddy

Emonie Spaulding

Agnes Torres Hernandez

Duanna Johnson

Rainbow (Hope / Promise)

Gisberta Salce Junior

Kenneth Weishuhn

Paige Clay

Brandy Martell

Author: Meg


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