Monday, May 7 – Day One

TW: none.

Today kicked off the first day of the Week and I thought it went extremely well. I spoke to fourteen people about the movement and its purpose, redirecting eight to this blog, and caught the eye of a number of others. Several people were interested and took on the challenge to do something positive for the LGBT community. People asked about my shirt and my ribbons, asked what the Week of Action was about, asked what the the names on the shirt signified. When I told them that all the names on the shirt were all the names of people who had either been killed or committed suicide for being LGBT, they reacted. No one simply returned to what they were doing – they reacted. They reacted with shock, empathy, sadness, resolve, and they wanted to do something. They asked what they could do to stop such things from continuing to happen. I didn’t expect to garner the interest I did today – it was a productive first day and I look forward to the rest of the Week.

The theme for today was red, which symbolizes life. The people memorialized specifically today are those who I felt could best be described with that symbol – those you could describe as lively, or energetic, or full of life, or having a zest for life. There are twelve people who were designated red: Gwen Araujo, Fred Martinez Jr., Cathleen Thomas, Sakia Gunn, Steven Mercado, Ncumisa Mzamelo, Amancio Corrales, Andrew Anthos, Asher Brown, Steen Fenrich, Sanesha Stewart, and Ukea Davis. You can read their stories below.

Author: Meg

Edit 2/2014: Stories have been removed. They served their purpose but have been removed due to misuse. – Meg


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