Tuesday, May 8th – Day Two

TW: none.

Day two of the Week; already it seems to be flying by. I was not able to recruit as many people to take part today – that was largely my goal for yesterday – but there were still plenty of opportunities to take action in other forms. In fact I would say there were an unusual amount of opportunities today; it’s not often that LGBT issues just “come up” out of the blue where I live. In my first period, the topic of North Carolina’s anti-gay Amendment One came up. Twenty people heard me out on why they should never support an amendment like that, no matter where it is, and there was mostly affirmation in response. There were other LGBT issues brought up throughout the day. I have also been informed there are events being planned for an Indiana teen who is facing expulsion for defending himself against a gang of bullies, and I hope to take part. It was odd but not unwelcome that there were so many venues to speak out today; it was almost as if I was being invited to speak, or dared, by some higher force. I don’t actually believe in such things, but it was unusual!

The theme today was orange, which symbolizes healing. This was probably the hardest category to place people in; it was hard to see “healing” of any kind where there is murder, suicide, loss, and horror. In the end, the people I placed in this category are those whose stories had something positive turn out from them, or signified the healing the nation needed to do after their death, or, in the opposite direction, those whose deaths are fresh wounds, that we have not yet and perhaps can not yet heal from. There are nine people selected for this category: Matthew Shepard, Tyler Clementi, Samantha Johnson, Tyra Hunter, Bill Clayton, Juana Vega, Nicholas West, Tiffany Berry, and Billy Lucas. Their stories can be found below.

Author: Meg

Edit 2/2014: Stories have been removed. They served their purpose but have been removed due to misuse. – Meg


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