Wednesday, May 9 – Day 3

TW: some mention of death, loss.

Day three of the Week; we are just about halfway through. Today was not as eventful for me as the first two days have been. There were still some opportunities to speak out on LGBT issues, including Amendment 1 in North Carolina (which did, unfortunately, pass), some of which I created for myself. There is a strong possibility I will be leading my school’s GSA next year; we have thought about a potential goal for next year as well. I saw some of the people I had told about the Movement show up today wearing yellow in support and solidarity. But as a whole, there was not much that happened today, at least with me.

Today, I realized something as well. Having the pictures of the fallen plastered over the mirror is forcing me to be real. I’ve found myself glancing up at the mirror today, like I would normally do at any random moment during the day, to see if my hair looked okay or if there were any visible signs of tear tracks on my face, etc., but I can’t see the mirror. I see them instead. Not only do they remind me that there are more important things to be concerned with, they remind me that it can be incredibly freeing to be real. They were real. They lived the lives they wanted to lead, without hiding, without worrying about the negative things such a life might create for them. If they could, why can’t I? What good reason do I have not to? The answer is that there is no good reason.

Wednesday’s theme was yellow, which represents sunshine. The people assigned to this category had personalities you could describe as bright or sunny, or radiating happiness and warmth. There were eleven people assigned yellow: Larry King, Seth Walsh, Ryan Skipper, Lateisha Green, Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, Courtney Bright, Jamey Rodemeyer, Michael Sandy, Scotty Joe Weaver, John Lloyd Griffin, and Tommy Lee Trimble.

Author: Meg

Edit, 2/2014: Stories have been removed. They served their purpose but have been removed due to misuse. -Meg


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