Thursday, May 10 – Day 4

TW: none.

Day four of the Week. Hard to believe it’s almost over. I saw a number of people who had been told about the movement show up in green today; I saw people who had been directed to the website reacting to the victims’ stories due to the human aspect of them. One of the instructors I had asked to take part made Amendment One and Obama’s support for LGBT people a talking point during their history class. People have told me about the things they have done and plan to do, taking the challenge to heart to do something positive for the LGBT community.

My girlfriend T., who is also taking part in the Week in a different state, had something happen to her today that she was not expecting. She has chosen to do a much smaller-scale version of what I have done to spread the word – symbolic colors, clothing with names written on to attract attention and inquiry. One girl, who is a member of their school’s GSA but never speaks during the meetings, approached her after school and asked her what she was doing. While she was giving the What I’m Doing and Why speech, talking about the challenge for the Week, the girl burst into tears and came out to her. She said she wanted to be out, wanted to do things to help the LGBT community, but she was afraid to. T. was not sure how to react, but told her that the hardest part is over, taking the first step, and that she had support – in fact, it might surprise her just how much support she could find. She said the girl seemed relieved to have told someone.

The theme for Day 4 was green, which symbolizes nature. Many of the people assigned to this color were nature lovers, or found freedom, safety, and peace in the outdoors. The color green also has to do with being natural – people who were always themselves. Today was Rebecca Wight’s color day; her story is the longest because she is the specific person who has had the largest impact on me as well as the person I could find the most information about. There are ten people who I felt were best suited by the color green. Memorialized today are: Rebecca Wight, Lollie Winans and Julie Williams, Eudy Simelane, Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder, Allen Schindler, Talana Kreeger, Dominic Crouch, and Tyli’a Mack.

Author: Meg

Edit 2/2014: Stories have been removed. They served their purpose but have been removed due to misuse. 


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