Sunday, May 13 – Day 7

TW: death, murder.

Today, May 13, was the final day of the Week of Action 2012. It is also the 24th anniversary of the day Rebecca Wight was killed. I admit that has been at the front of my thoughts today – on this day, at this time, her life ended – and I have been struggling with it. Much love to her family this time of year. The theme today was rainbow, which stands for hope and promise, but it was difficult to see hope and promise while thinking about murder. Nevertheless, I feel it has been a productive Week – exhausting, emotionally draining at times, and difficult, but it has been well worth it. I accomplished what I set out to do – challenge others to make a difference. I wish I could have done more, but I think what I was able to accomplish was fine.

I plan to continue holding a Week of Action every year. The people who were memorialized during the Week are important. Their stories are important. They are the reason I do the things I do. This Week is my way of paying tribute to their memory and pushing for a future where such things do not happen any more. Though it may not get any easier for me to come to terms with the events of the past, I hope that the work I do with this movement and elsewhere help to change people. Even if it is just one person, one life that I change with this, it will be worth it. The goal is idealistic, to make the world a better place for LGBT people, but not impossible. I hope to be a part of seeing that happen.

I have learned and gained a lot from this event. New insights. A reminder of the reason that I fight. The opportunity to be confident, to reach out to people. Even when it has been difficult to get through, it has been worth it. And even though the Week has ended for this year, I plan to keep the blog semi-active until next year’s event. Unfortunately, I will not be able to write the stories from days 5 and 6. It isn’t that I gave up on the Week – I saw it through, but I was just not able to write them anymore. I reached a point where they just became too sad.

How has your Week of Action gone? Do you feel you accomplished the challenge? Is there anything you did that you would like to share?

Author: Meg


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