Teen Lesbian Couple Found Shot in Texas Park

TW: murder, violence, possible anti-gay violence.


Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, and Mary Kristene Chapa, 18 were found shot in a Texas Park just the other day. Mollie had already died of her injuries by the time they were discovered. Kristene (to the best of my knowledge this is the name she went by) was taken to the hospital and is listed as being in critical but stable condition.



A number of vigils are being planned across their hometown and elsewhere in the US. If you know of any in your area, I will gladly list them. There is also a Facebook page up called “Donate Blood in Honor of Mollie Olgin and Mary (Kristene) Chapa”, which has links to some of the vigils. The page is encouraging people who want to help Kristene to donate blood in her name; definitely visit it. The last update reads:

“Kristene is ‘making strides in her recovery and is shocking everybody including hospital staff on how strong she is. Krissy now has an account at Prosperity bank and is taking donations, anything is much appreciated. I am open to suggestions from anybody wanting to help on charity benefits for Krissy and for Mollie Olgin and family.'”

It is currently unclear what the motive was, or if the two women’s relationship played a factor in the shooting. Regardless, this is an awful story. Please keep Kristene in your thoughts as she makes her way toward recovery and healing in the weeks and months to come.

I was shocked, sickened, and saddened to read about this this morning. And I really hope this isn’t a hate crime. I really do. The last thing I want is two more names to add to the list of people who have murdered for who they are. But right now, it’s reading a whole lot like another story where a lesbian couple was attacked and one died, one that very much was motivated by the fact that they were a lesbian couple.

Author: Meg

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