The Stories Project

TW: none.

What had previously been an idea is now a set project that I am attempting to make happen, and I have chosen to entitle it “The Stories Project”. Here’s what it is:

The Stories Project is a project that has grown out of the Week of Action Movement. On the last day of the Week of Action 2012, I was struck with an idea I couldn’t quite shake off  – I wanted to hear from the people who were connected to the victims, hear them them tell their own stories with their own voices, whatever they wanted to share about the person they knew. In the summer of 2012, I took the first steps toward making this idea a reality – I began to reach out to some people and ask if they would be interested in taking part in such a thing. So far, the response has been positive, and the people I’ve contacted have been very receptive. It is just starting to get off the ground, but I am working to make it happen, and I would love to see it come about. Too often it seems the human aspect of these cases is left out when it comes to discussions of them, despite the fact that this is the very thing that gets people to care and take action. I want to change that.

As of now, the Stories Project will be hosted on the Week of Action Movement blogspot. In the future, that may change. I would like the Stories Project to reach as many people as it can, whether that is through an online forum, a book forum, or some other forum entirely. I don’t currently have much on the blog page about it, but you will start to see more soon enough. As I start receiving stories, I will start posting them.

Author: Meg


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