The Stories Project: Mark Brady’s Story

Mark Brady was a classmate of Rebecca “Becky” Wight’s. Both were members of the graduating class of 1977 at Seoul American High School. All words below are his unless specified otherwise.

TW: death.

Yes, that picture was the same Rebecca “Becky” Wight who was killed.

What can I say but that her death was a tragedy. Becky was smart and intelligent, it was sad that her life was cut so short. In high school, she worked with me on the Yearbook and was on the newspaper staff. When we heard about it on the news, I remember thinking how senseless it was.

Also, there were no openly gay people (this was the 70s) at the high school although two of our classmates came out and died of AIDS. One of the football players did show up in a dress and makeup one day; we didn’t give him much grief since he was having too much fun.

Rebecca “Becky” Wight. © Mark Brady. Used with Permission.


20 thoughts on “The Stories Project: Mark Brady’s Story

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  2. I read Wayne Wilcox’s story right after this one and I thought it was funny that he described her as looking like an owl. She really does with those glasses! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Agreed Ken and I try to remind the younger queers about this! Back in the day it was easy to believe you were the only gay person around. I didn’t meet anyone who was like me until I was well into my 20s.

  4. I seem to remember a couple of football players doing something similar when I was in school, showing up in dresses and makeup. I don’t think it was for an event or anything (though we did have some powder puff games where the boys would dress up as cheerleaders). I think they did it just because they thought it’d be fun. Which is always interesting to me because this was in ’84 and no one gave them any grief, yet schools today pitch a fit at transgender kids. smh

  5. I read about what happened to her a few years back but I never thought too much about it until her name came up again on a tumblr post not too long ago. I guess it’s one thing to read about the facts and another to see photos and read personal stories about the person involved.

  6. Hi Meg,

    I read all the stories after Tasha pointed me to your blog. Interesting stuff! I wouldn’t have guessed she was called Becky. She sounds like a lovely individual to have known.


  7. Between this story, Karen Poiani’s, Wayne Wilcox’s and Judy Wight’s it seems like she definitely left and is still leaving an impact on people.

  8. It has to be strange for those involved for her name to come up again all these years later, but I think it’s cool that her memory is being kept alive.

  9. I’m glad these people are remembered for more than the circumstances of their deaths. My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by hate and violence.

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