Week of Action 2013 Statistics

TW: non-graphic mentions of murder, suicide, violence.

There are 105 people on this year’s list.

81 were murdered.
24 committed suicide.

The majority of suicide victims were men.
They account for 88%.
The majority of murder victims were women.
They account for 65%.

34% died between the ages of 13 and 19.
44% died between the ages of 20 and 29.
A solid 80% never saw the age of 30.
Only 11 reached the age of 40 or older.
The average age at death is 25 years old.
The youngest people on the list are 10 and 11 years old.

56% are people of color.
This number accounts for 59 people.
Only 35% are white.
This number accounts for 37 people.
I could not determine the race of 9 people given how little is publicly known about them.

39% of the victims are gay men.
19% of the victims are lesbians.
3% of the victims are bisexual, but this number could be higher. I was only able to find three reports of victims self-identifying this way.
5% of the victims are straight and cis or never self-identified as LGBT.
35% of the victims are on the transgender spectrum.
Trans* women make up 86% of that number.

2013 is a milestone anniversary for 20 people.
8 will have been gone 5 years.
4 will have been gone 10 years.
2 will have been gone 15 years.
2 will have been gone 20 years.
3 will have been gone 25 years.
1 will have been gone 30 years.

Author: Meg


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