New Page: Who I Am Not

TW: harassment, possibly stalking.

In light of recent events that have come to my attention, I have added a page to the top of the site: Who I Am Not – A Warning. Apparently an individual has been crawling various corners of the web claiming to have connections to myself, my projects, and/or one or more of the victims, and I would like to address this officially from the Week of Action Movement website. There is not, nor has there ever been, another person who oversees these projects. It’s just me and I take what I do seriously. If I am right about the identity of the person responsible for this, she’s been in my life for a long time and she has harassed me for a number of years. She is in no way connected to any aspect of these projects, and she is most certainly NOT connected to any of the victims spotlighted here. If you see anyone on the sites you frequent claiming suspicious or unusual connections to me, this blog, or the victims, please do me a favor and report the posts, report the poster, and inform me so I know where and how to proceed.

Author: Meg

Edit 2014: There are now two individuals running the projects (Meg and Alice) and the page has been modified to reflect that; however, this remains relevant. Be careful with who you trust with your stories. 


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