Wednesday, May 8 – Day Three

TW: death, loss.

Day three has arrived – we’re really halfway through the Week of Action 2013. I remember being surprised in 2012 at how fast this event really goes. I spend five months planning and organizing the event, and before I know it it’s over, and another year has passed.

I completed two Stories Project interviews today. This means I have three more stories on the way in the time to come – two are in the transcribing stage, and one is in the editing stage. A fourth individual has indicated they are interested in taking part, but we have not arranged to speak as of yet. This brings my count of stories for the project up to seven and potentially eight. Eight stories! This time last year, I wasn’t even sure I was going to reach eight stories. I am dying to resume work on the Stories Project. When I returned to school in the fall, I was significantly slowed in how much I could work on it, and the Week of Action has caused my desire to continue working on it to shoot up. Tonight, I wrote out a Stories Project letter and am prepared to send it – I need only to decide whether to do so during or after the Week.

Day two onward are usually not as eventful for me as the first day. What about you? How are your Weeks going? If you have accepted the challenge, what have you done / what do you intend to do?

Today’s theme was yellow, which stands for sunshine, and there were fifteen people who I thought best represented that theme. Memorialized today, in no particular, order: Justin Aaberg, Courtney Bright, Seth Walsh, Jeffrey Fehr, Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, Lateisha Green, Sean Kennedy, Lawrence King, January Lapuz, Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, Michael Sandy, Laryssa Silveira, Ryan Skipper, Asher Brown, and Scotty Joe Weaver.

When the world lost Courtney Bright, we lost a woman who was determined to get back on track and live the kind of life she wanted to live.

When the world lost Seth Walsh, we lost his gentleness and sincerity. This is a boy who once apologized to a bed of flowers after he picked one to place on the grave of a family dog.

When the world lost Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, we lost her energy and life. She was the definition of charisma and it seems everyone was touched by her charm in some way.

When the world lost Lateisha Green, we lost her courage, ebullience, and pride in who she was and how she lived her life.

When the world lost Lawrence King, we lost his confidence and his refusal to conform to the limited box of the kind of person he “should” be.

When the world lost Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, we lost the promising future he held and the interesting and successful life he would have had.

When the world lost Michael Sandy, we lost a man who was true in heart. We lost his appreciation for the finer, simpler things in life.

When the world lost Ryan Skipper, we lost his warmth. We lost the way he made people feel they belonged when no one else cared.

When the world lost Scotty Joe Weaver, we lost his optimism and care for his fellow humans. He was the kind of person who would have given the shirt off of his back for anyone.

When the world lost Justin Aaberg, we lost his bright spirit and the life he radiates in his portraits.

When the world lost Jeffrey Fehr, we lost another amazing person in which many of us never got to know, someone who was gifted and talented.

When the world lost Sean Kennedy, we lost someone who never understood why people treated each other differently and wanted to change that.

When the world lost January Lapuz, we lost the positive effect she left on all of those she encountered.

When the world lost Laryssa Silveira, we lost the radiant smile she wears in her photographs and the happiness of a life that such a smile implies.

When the world lost Asher Brown, we lost an eighth grader who was my brother’s age when he died. We lost the future of a youth whose life had barely begun.

Author: Meg


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