Saturday, May 11 – Day Six

TW: none.

Day six and there isn’t much to report. The Week of Action is winding down, wrapping up its second year. Day six was similar to day five in the way it made me feel – calm now, winding down, becoming tired as the initial anxiety, excitement, and utter sadness has faded from the beginning of the event. I’m still not sure how I’m going to react come Monday. Hopefully I will be able to find a meaningful way to remember Rebecca’s life and a reason not to fall apart because I can be triggered extremely easily while running this event (due to my own experience with anti-gay violence).

Received a response on a Stories Project letter, one of the first new ones I’ve sent in several months, from a sister of Rebecca’s who has indicated she is interested in participating. Interestingly enough, I am not frightened to speak with her in the way I’ve been frightened to speak with some. I’m not frightened about this project any more. I have a year of practice behind me. I was scared to death in 2012. Funny story: last year, I was on my phone when I received a response from someone closely connected to Rebecca Wight. I was so startled to see that name suddenly appear in my inbox that I yelped and threw the phone across the room. I hadn’t even read what their response was; I just saw the name and threw the phone, that’s how high-strung and nervous I was about the Stories Project in 2012. After that, my mantra for the project became, “No one can scare you as much as (name)!”

The theme for today was purple, which stands for spirit, and there were fifteen individuals who I felt best represented the theme: Michelle Abdill, Chanel Larkin, Jamey Rodemeyer, Angie Zapata, Becky Dowski, Jamie Hubley, Duanna Johnson, Eric James Borges, Agnes Torres Hernandez, Bella Evangelista, Nakhia Williams, FannyAnn Eddy, Carl Walker-Hoover, Deoni Jones, and Tiffany Berry. I did not end up finishing their tributes, but I can say for each and every one of them that when the world lost them, we lost fifteen lives that were beautiful and valuable and deserve to be remembered.

Author: Meg


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