TW: none.

I mentioned in a post earlier this year that the school I attend has become much more unorthodox and creatively-inclined in recent years. This year, I’ve discovered that it extends so far beyond final exams: there is a semi-new, student-run and project-led class called Innovations, which is among the first of its kind in existence. Last year was the first year it was up-and-running. Innovations is a class where students create and pursue our own entrepreneurial pursuits in business, activism, or what have you. We create our own projects; we set our own standards. We are encouraged to go out and leave an impact in our world, if not *the* world – and the world is watching.

I am joining the class in its second year of operation. I was recruited last year by one of the students, and I had to prove I could handle being a part of it with an interview with the instructor and a few of the students. I came into the interview saying, “I already have two projects I’ve created”, to which they replied, “Oh, you have an idea for a project?” and I said, “No, I *already have* two projects that I created on my own.” We’ve only just begun and already I am feeling the pressure; I have a number of ideas and the one thing I do understand is networking, but I’m becoming a bit stuck when it comes to evaluating the time frame and plausibility of each, as well as determining the first steps to take. I am looking into collaborating with other grassroots activist groups in Indiana to run an awareness campaign against HJR-6 (the proposed law, set to do on the ballot in 2014 if it passes in the two houses again this year, that would define marriage as strictly heterosexual in the state constitution). I’ve thought about targeting high school students with said campaign, because HJR-6 could potentially be the first law they are able to vote for. I am considering trying to change the school’s anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity / expression. I am looking at the ways I could include the Stories Project in my efforts. And of course, I would appreciate suggestions or groups / individuals I could connect with. This blog may be about to get much more active in the months to come.

Author: Meg


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