Tuesday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 7 – Days Two and Three

TW: Mentions of anti-LGBT violence, though no details or descriptions.

Taking action in smaller ways has definitely been helpful for the Week of Action 2014. I’ve yet to burn out – quite the opposite, in fact! I was not able to finish the event in 2012 or 2013, and last year, I had burned out on day one due to sharing my story the day before. Yesterday and today, I continued to share the stories and get people interested in taking action for LGBT people. Going along with the personal theme of “Those Who Survive,” I left a message across my social networks reminding everyone that the world is better for having them in it, a sentiment I would like to extend to my readers here, and I offered to give each person who liked the post a couple of reasons why that are specific to them. As it turns out, a number of people needed those words of encouragement.

I did not have a specific method of taking action scheduled for today, but I did find this while going through my Tumblr. It’s one of my favorite posts of all time about grief – and I’m going to leave it here in case anyone may need it: http://natashakline.tumblr.com/post/49891489650/for-all-those-who-grieve-keep-going-xoxo

Tuesday’s theme was orange, which symbolizes healing, and Wednesday’s theme was yellow, which symbolizes sunshine. Of the 189 people on the WoA 2014 list, there were twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color orange and theme of healing and twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color yellow and the theme of sunshine. Their names are below. If you have a few minutes, select a few whose names stand out to do and do some research into their stories (a star by their name indicates that a loved one has spoken about them here.) Who were they? What happened to them?


Grayce Baxter
Raymond Buys
Eric Calitz
Tyler Clementi
Lateisha Green
Bobby Griffith
Rita Hester
Tyra Hunter
Samantha Johnson
Tyli’a Mack
Konyale Madden
Brandy Martell
Clarence McCloskey Jr.
Lucy Meadows
Nizah Morris
Thanh Nguyen
Phumeza Nkolonzi
Phillip Parker
Jack Reese
Matthew Shepard
Betty Skinner
Vlad Tornovoi
Nicolas Van Der Walt
Juana Vega
Perry Waters Jr.
Nick West


Justin Aaberg
Luther Boggs
Asher Brown
Lawrence Corrêa Biancão
Taysia Elzy
Jeffrey Fehr
Nicole Galisteu
Skip Getchell Jr.
John Golding Sr.
Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar
Glenn Green
Sean Kennedy
Larry King
January Lapuz
Fred Mangione
Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado
Mitch Mitchell
Eric Mohat
Eyricka Morgan
Michael Sandy
Laryssa Silveira
Ryan Skipper
Seth Walsh
Scotty Joe Weaver
Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.
Simmie Williams Jr.

 Author: Meg


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