Thursday, May 8 – Day Four

TW: Mentions of anti-LGBT violence, though no details or descriptions.

Day four of the Week of Action and not much to report. I’m working on a masterpost of self-care resources that I hope to get up by Sunday – and I’m also working on a masterpost of cute animal pictures, just for those who need something nice on a bad day.

I had initially intended to create a list of links like this for each name on the “In Remembrance” list, but because this time of year tends to be difficult for me, I was not able to complete them all in time. It may or may not be on the agenda for next year’s Week. However, I did want to at least release the one I finished. If you want to learn more about Rebecca Wight’s story, I’ve attached some links to some articles and such below. A star indicates a video will open automatically:

Edit 2014: Removed for misuse, because apparently I cannot post anything about Rebecca’s story without a certain individual trying to exploit it and her. Sorry! See the “Who We Are Not – A Warning” tab for more information. 

Thursday’s theme was green, which symbolizes nature. Of the 189 people on the WoA 2014 list, there were twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color green and the theme of nature. Their names are below. If you have a few minutes, select a few whose names stand out to do and do some research into their stories (a star by their name indicates that a loved one has spoken about them here.) Who were they? What happened to them?

Ian Baynham
Ramazan Cetin
Bill Clayton
Dominic Crouch
Shirley Hauser
Jaheem Herrera
Talana Kreeger
Chloe Lacey
Thapelo Makutle
Patricia Mashigo
Gary Matson
Andritha Morifi
Winfield Mowder
Allen Schindler Jr.
Eudy Simelane
Sihle Skotshi
Emonie Spaulding
Sheila Viegas Silva
Carlos Vigil
Carl Walker-Hoover
Rebecca Wight*
Julie Williams*
Lollie Winans*
Duduzile Zozo

Author: Meg


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