Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10 – Days Five and Six

TW: Mentions of anti-LGBT violence, though no details or descriptions are given within the post. Content notes for each story are listed on each story’s individual page, but as a general include murder, violence, death, suicide, grief, loss, and slurs.

The event is beginning to wind down and I am starting to lose momentum. My method of taking action today was to share the stories I have collected via the Stories Project, which I will do again here, and to work on transcribing two more interviews: with Jazmin and Aviva, two awesome young trans women of color whose stories I can’t wait to see in their final form.

Mark Brady, Karen Poiani, Wayne Wilcox, Judy Wight, and Christine Thomas remember Rebecca Wight.

Bill Thomas remembers Cathy Thomas.

Clayton Ham discusses his experiences.

Tessa Crawford remembers Catherine and Jay.

The Rev. Rebecca Strader remembers Julie Williams and Lollie Winans.

Friday’s theme was blue, which symbolizes serenity and harmony, and Saturday’s theme was purple, which symbolizes spirit. Of the 189 people on the WoA 2014 list, there were twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color blue and theme of serenity and twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color purple and the theme of spirit. Their names are below. If you have a few minutes, select a few whose names stand out to do and do some research into their stories (a star by their name indicates that a loved one has spoken about them here.) Who were they? What happened to them?

Blue (Serenity/Harmony)
Reggie Adams
Kaique Batista dos Santos
Hugh Cooley
Jody Dobrowski
Brandon Elizares
Roxanne Ellis
Dano Fetty
Adam Fontenot
David Gary
Tiffany Gooden
Ken Harrington
Charlie Howard
Nireah Johnson
Ayden Keenan-Olsen
Bill Larson
Bobby Lumpkin
Cameron McWilliams
Zoliswa Nkonyana
Mollie Olgin
Danny Overstreet
Josh Pacheco
August Provost
Sanesha Stewart
Brandon Teena
Stephanie Thomas
Coko Williams
Barry Winchell

Purple (Spirit)
Michelle Abdill
Jadin Bell
Tiffany Berry
Eric James Borges
Horace Broussard
Mark Carson
Becky Dowski
FannyAnn Eddy
Bella Evangelista
Esmeralda Garcia Retes
Jim Hambrick
Jamie Hubley
Duanna Johnson
Corey Jones
Deoni Jones
Dwayne Jones
Brittany Kidd-Stergis
Chanel Larkin
Landon Lopez-Brandies
Cecilia Marahouse
Bud Matyi
Noxolo Nogwaza
Dora Özer
Jamey Rodemeyer
Agnes Torres Sulca
Nikki Williams
Angie Zapata

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