Sunday, May 11 – Day Seven

TW: Anti-gay violence and death, though no gory details or descriptions given, as well as some reflections the uncertainty of life and what it means to me to have been a victim of violence.

It’s Sunday, May 11, and I’m officially calling the event: the Week of Action 2014 has concluded. I hope those of you who took on the challenge were successful – I know I was, though I was not able to do everything I would have liked to. I will see if I still can’t get the self-care masterpost out sometime soon. And of course, I would love to hear the ways you all took action this week.

While we focused on the stories of those we have lost throughout the week, I would like you to take this day to be hopeful and look to the future if you can. We have so much to mourn for, but we also have so much to look forward to and so much to be happy for. Our community marches toward progress every day, and while it won’t bring these lives back, perhaps it signifies they didn’t die for nothing. You know, it’s around this time of year that it really dawns on me that I am a statistic. I was a victim – and a survivor – of anti-LGBT violence, and if things had turned out just slightly differently on the night I was attacked, I could be a part of a different statistic. And I won’t lie: that’s an extremely difficult thing to grapple with. But since 2011, there have been wins after wins after wins for the LGBT community, which has made it a hell of a lot easier to believe that I have a future – a future full of hope and promise that will NOT be defined by violence. You do too.

Sunday’s theme was rainbow, which symbolizes hope and promise. Of the 189 people on the WoA 2014 list, there were twenty-seven I felt were best represented by the color rainbow and the theme of hope and promise. Their names are below. If you have a few minutes, select a few whose names stand out to do and do some research into their stories (a star by their name indicates that a loved one has spoken about them here.) Who were they? What happened to them?

UpStairs Lounge Unknown #1
UpStairs Lounge Unknown #2
UpStairs Lounge Unknown #3
Joe Adams
Guy Andersen
Dalva Dalvanei Alves Pereira
Demetrio Apaza Mayta
Thalia Batista Mendes
Britney Crosby
Victoria da Silva Costa
Marcio Sergio de Lima
Guilherme de Souza
Donald Dunbar
Gerry Gordon
John Lloyd Griffin
Crystal Jackson
Ferris LeBlanc
Puja Mondal
Bobby Saha
Gisberta Salce Jr.
Isa Shakhmarli
Larry Stratton
Tommy Lee Trimble
Doug Williams Jr.
Cassandra Zapata

Love to you as you move forward in the various aspects of your lives. Until next year, friends.

Author: Meg


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