Self-Care Masterpost

My last act for the WoA 2014: a huge masterpost of some nice things for when you don’t feel so nice, divided into categories: Some Nice Websites, Self-Care Tips and Other Resources, Some Quotes, Some Cute Things, and Some Things to Restore Your Faith in Humanity. I recommend not trying to look through the whole thing at once (like I said, it is huge), but if you need it, skim to see what what will help you right now. You can always bookmark it for later if you think you will need it again. 🙂

I don’t think there is anything in here that needs a TW – there are GIFs and moving images but those are noted before each link.

Some Nice Websites: Emotional Baggage Check: You write your feelings down anonymously and send it out to someone who will respond with a song and some words of encouragement, The Quiet Place: Encourages you to relax and focus on mindfulness for a little while, The Thoughts Room: As you type out your feelings, your words explode into stars to help you let them go, Soundrown: Mix and match some relaxing sounds, Boggle the Owl: Cartoon owl wants you to take care of yourself, The Nicest Place on the Internet: People videotape themselves giving virtual hugs, 7 Cups of Tea: Talk to a trained listener for free, The Dawn Room: You type something you would say to comfort the person you love the most and then you get to read what others have said as if it were addressed to you

Self-Care Tips and Other Resources: Crisis and Support Hotlines, Coping skills toolbox, Tips for coping with anxiety, Another masterpost of helpful mental health resources, Fun things for a bad night, Ideas of things you can do to self-care, More ideas of things you can do to self-care, Self-care tips in comic form, Self-care after rape, Why you should never give up, VERY helpful comic about grieving and moving forward, Small list of things to cheer you up, How to self-care, Distractions that can help, Self-care while grieving, Ways to get rid of stress in comic form, Comic to remind you of all you’ve accomplished, Another helpful comic about grieving, I am my own hero, College survival masterpost, Catlateral Damage: a nice stress-relief game, Even more self-care tips, Some reminders for you, Loving and forgiving yourself in comic form, Self-help masterpost for anxiety, Feeling okay?, Some doodles, Lots of online resources, Info about trauma and coping with trauma, Listen to the rain, Make sand art, Very simple games for relaxation, Another anxiety masterpost, Stress analyzing tool, Sushicat

Some Quotes: I love the person I’ve become, Loving your body is a journey, The lie of “strength”, Never confuse your mistakes with your value, Stories matter, If your compassion does not include yourself, Now that you’re in the world, You are loved, Just as valuable as you were before, You have worth simply by being, F you bad thoughts!, Is this healthy? Is this good for me?, Soon you’ll be able to breathe again, I am allowed to…, The first step to loving yourself, Bat, snake, and praying mantis want you to have a better day, You’re not obligated to forgive your abusers, People need to be encouraged, You are not going in circles, Just because you don’t have it all figured out now doesn’t mean you never will, Be kind to yourself, Try to be kind to yourself, but ask for help if you can’t, Letting toxic people go

Some Cute Things: GIF: Kitten licks her paw, Photo: Kitties in popcorn boxes, GIF: Cat startles dog and tries to apologize, GIF: Dachshund snuggles, Photos and GIFs: Self-Care Kitties, Video: Cats that like baths, Photo: Kitten likes boots, GIF: Cat steals pancake, Photo: Animals with stuffed buddies, Photo: Cats that like sinks, Video: Playlist of animals doing cute things, GIF: Cat is king of the jungle, Photo: Kitten sleeping, Photo: Cat disapproves of what you’ve done to his basket, Video: Bird dances and eats homework, Photo: Itty bitty baby antelope, GIF: Cat disapproves of people hats, Photo: Cat and baby grow up together, GIF: Cat skateboards, GIF: Cat falls asleep while standing, Photo: Cats in Christmas trees, Video: Kitten tells her owner how she feels, Photo: Cat bites tiny chandelier, GIF: Bunny redefines success, Photo: Girl shares umbrella with cat friend, GIF: Seasonal Corgis, Photo: Cats with flower crowns, Photo: Happy cat in office, GIF: Squirrel tries to bury nuts in dog’s fur, GIF: Cat wakes up, GIF: Little boy hugs chicken, GIF: Little girl learns a lesson (or not), GIF: Bears have to wave at the humans, GIF: Babies experiencing things for the first time, GIF: Cat tunnels humans out of the snow, Photo: Dogs with personal space issues, GIF: Cat plays with penguin toy, Photo: Kids read to shelter cats, GIF: Little girl loves herself, GIF: Laughing baby, Photo: Puppy chews on shoestrings, GIF: Dogs imitate crawling baby, GIF: Puppy loves his cat friend, GIF: Dog rides Roomba, Photo: Dog thinks this is a line for treats, GIF: A very excited Dachshund, Photo: Pug sticks out her tongue, GIF: Spring startles dog, GIF: You spin me right round, baby, right round!, GIF: Dog says hello, GIF: Puppy smiles, Video: Dogs who are afraid of cats, Video: Cats stealing dogs’ beds, Photo: Lab puppy in the snow, Video: Cute Roulette

Some Things to Restore Your Faith in Humanity: “God” answers little girl’s request about her deceased dog, 26 photos that will restore your faith in humanity, Teddy bear finds his way home, More photos of random acts of kindness, Knit scarves left out during the polar vortex, Seniors put nice notes on every locker at school following suicides


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