A Visit to Michaux State Forest

TW big time for this post – murder, death, anti-gay violence, and reflections on all of those things, specifically: Rebecca Wight. Includes photos of the area where she died (not crime scene photos – just pictures of what it looks like now).

Edit 10/15: I was later informed what we built near the site is called a cairn of stones. At the time this was written, I didn’t know there was a term for it.

I’ve been home for two weeks and stewing on this post for about as long trying to find the words that could adequately express what it was like to visit Michaux State Forest and the site where Rebecca Wight was killed. I’m usually great with the written word, but this post is proving to be quite difficult. It was an experience that defies words if for no other reason than the magnitude of what I was trying to accomplish in going there: it was for me. But also for her. And also for the families and the people who were directly involved and impacted. And also for all of the women who have felt less safe hiking in the woods or holding their girlfriends’ hands in public because of this story and others like it. And also for all the victims of violence, like me, and like Rebecca, who have had enough stolen from them, dammit, enough that the people who commit violence against us can’t have this one thing that used to belong to us. It was personal, but it was bigger than that. And I walked every one of the 30,000 steps I took in Michaux State Forest thinking about what that meant.

So here goes.

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