Ferguson Resources

Not directly related to LGBT issues but important nonetheless. Jazmin and Aviva, two Stories Project participants who have spoken out about their experiences with racism, transmisogyny, and misogynoir among other things, have compiled a list of resources and links both for protesters in the Ferguson area and for those watching from a distance. Their guest post below.

TW: racism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, and murder in some of the links.

How to Directly Support Ferguson
1. This is the Ferguson Defense Fund.
2. This is a petition for the Missouri Supreme Court to take Mike Brown’s case.
3. Ferguson Burgers is trying to put together 150 holiday baskets for kids in the Ferguson area. Donations are needed by 12/10/14. They have a Paypal under fergusonburgers@gmail.com for folks to donate.
4. This is the Ferguson Public Library promising to stay open for their community for as long as it’s safe. Donate to them on their website. They’re also accepting book donations.
5. Donate to Operation Help or Hush.
6. Donate to one of the Ferguson-area classroom projects.
7. Donateto the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

Legal/Practical Resources
1. This is a list of your rights as a protester from the ACLU.
2. This is a protester’s guide for what to do if you’re arrested.
3. These are some things you can do to dilute the impact of tear gas.
4. This is how you make a homemade tear gas mask.
5. If a police officer asks why you’re filming them, here’s some things you can reply with. Source
– “I have the legal right to observe and document police activity.”
– “Cameras provide accountability.”
– “I am creating an objective reference for all parties involved.”
– “I am at a reasonable distance and am not interfering with your investigation.”
6. This is some protest advice. Go with a group and memorize the number for the National Lawyers’ Guild: 212-679-6018.
7. Another post we found about what’s going on and what you can do about it.
8. In case you need it, this shows how you escape zip ties.

News Resources
1. These are a bunch of Livestreams from Ferguson so you can get news from the source.
2. This Tumblr has a list of all the planned responses around the country to the grand jury decision.
3. This is all the evidence the grand jury considered.
4. This is an article about Mike Brown’s dad giving out free Thanksgiving turkeys in the neighborhood his son was murdered in.
5. This is an article about white supremacists torching Michael Brown Sr.’s church.
6. This is an article about a woman who had a heart attack during the protests and the police tear gassed the folks trying to get her help.
7. This is an article about someone who ran over pro-Ferguson protesters in Minnesota.
8. These are some of the faces of the protesters.
9. DeAndre Joshua is the name of a black man who was murdered the day Darren Wilson was not indicted.
10. These protesters are guarding stores from looters.
11. This is a bunch of times white folks rioted over stupid shit.
12. “I left it blank because I’ll probably need this again next year.”

Discourse Resources
1. Everybody’s talking about how big Mike Brown was. Fact: The man who killed him was 6’4 and 215 lbs.
2. No one knows what MLK would say about Ferguson because he got shot and killed too. Here’s a quote from him about riots in case anyone tries to use his words against the protesters:
“It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
3. This is an article with five responses to the folks demonizing riots and rioters.
4. Some things you can say if you’re black and a conversation about Ferguson turns into a debate over your humanity:
– “This conversation is over.”
– “This isn’t a debate I’m going to have with you.”
– “I have no interest in discussing this further.”
– “This is not just a thought exercise for me.”
5. This post has some common arguments people use to support Darren Wilson and how to counter them with links.
6. These are some facts about the man who murdered Mike Brown
7. “I don’t know how to talk to white people about Ferguson”

Some Other Things You Can Do
1. Listen to the black community and amplify the voices of black folks talking about this. Like it or not, this is a race issue that predominantly affects black people. Our voices need to be the loudest in this discussion.
2. Boycott Wal-Mart. They donated $10,000 in support of Darren Wilson and not a penny to the family of John Crawford, a black man who was murdered inside one of their stores. There are lots of great small, black-owned businesses. Check those out instead!
3. If you’re white, read this list of 12 things you can do about Ferguson that don’t involve making yourself the focus. Check your perspective and confront other white folks when they say bigoted nonsense about Ferguson.

Some Things You Should NOT Do
1. We saw the KKK’s personal information got leaked. Whatever you do DON’T use their credit card numbers for credit card fraud even if you use an anonymous browser. Donating to Ferguson charities with stolen money is a TERRIBLE idea. Anyone you donate to will have their assets frozen and they’ll get shut down. All you’ll do is get yourself and others in trouble. Nothing will happen to the KKK!
2. Don’t watch any interviews with Darren Wilson. He’s already got himself a million-dollar reward for the murder of an unarmed black child. DON’T SUPPORT THIS IN ANY WAY.
3. Don’t give cookies to white folks for doing the right thing and standing with us. Justice is common sense.
4. For white people: Don’t make this about you. Don’t tell black people how to feel about Ferguson because you won’t ever know what it’s like to be black in America. Don’t tone police. Don’t use black pain as a prop for your white guilt. If your support for the protesters has terms and conditions based on respectability politics, don’t pretend you support us. Don’t go cheer for the Mockingjay this weekend and then turn around and condemn actual people actually rebelling against oppression.
5. If you’re more pissed off about flags and buildings burning than a black teenager losing his life, you are the problem. Don’t pretend you’re an ally. Flags can be replaced. Buildings can be rebuilt. Once a human life is gone it’s gone forever. Mike Brown is gone forever.

Stay woke. Don’t forget Mike Brown. Don’t forget what is happening right here right now in your America “the land of the free.” Don’t let Ferguson get swept under the rug. Black lives matter. Don’t let this die.

The Stories Project stands in solidarity with the Ferguson community. Our hearts go out to all who are hurting in the wake of the verdict. Stay safe. Stay strong. We support you.

Authors: Jazmin and Aviva


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