Turning Off the Queue System

TW: none

We’ve made a small change to the way our comment system works and have decided, for the time being, to do away with sending all comments into moderation for one of us to approve manually.

Comments on the blog have always been a little buggy. During the early few months of the project, some would randomly disappear after being posted and I would never see them. We didn’t use a queue system back then, so there was no reason for the comments to not show up right away, and this happened to several people across multiple computers including myself when I tested it. We’ve also had ongoing issues with subscribing to comments on posts and then not being notified when a comment is made on that post (which is what’s supposed to happen when you subscribe to a thread).

The latest issue involves some people being able to read and respond to comments that were shown as unapproved and still in moderation and therefore shouldn’t be visible to anyone except us. We noticed – and I can’t believe we didn’t notice sooner, honestly, because this happened on a few posts – that one person with a story on the site who answers all questions had responded to unapproved comments by hitting reply and creating a thread, something she only could have done if the comments were visible to her on the post to begin with. When we had some people test it, a third to half of them were also seeing comments before they were approved. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having comments go into mod.

So to spare ourselves the hassle, we cleared out all of the comments in the queue and turned off the setting that sends them there. From now on, a comment should be visible the moment someone posts it. If this becomes a problem, we’ll turn it back on, but since it hasn’t been, we’re fine doing it this way for the time being.

Author: Meg


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