The Stories Project Call-Out

TW: brief mentions of murder, anti-LGBT violence, suicide.

Hey everyone! We at the Stories Project are so happy and humbled to be celebrating our third anniversary. Over the past three years, we have grown from one director, no stories, and an uncertain idea of what the project was or what we wanted it to be to two directors, twenty stories, and a much more solid understanding of what impact we want to leave as we move forward, thanks to the many people who have taken part and supported us along the way.

BUT…moving forward, we need your help.

We’re at a point where we’re not exactly sure who may be interested in participating. The first year, it was fairly easy to think of some names and reach out to those people; three years later, we don’t really like to do it this way, for a number of reasons. So in order for us to keep the momentum going, we’re going to need a little help. That’s where you come in.

We’re posting this call-out in our inner spheres and are asking anyone who thinks someone in their circles may be interested to do the same. You can share this post, write up your own, or reach out to someone specific; you can share our names with them or their names with us (but make sure the latter is okay first). We are specifically interested in speaking with:

– The families and friends of those lost to anti-LGBT violence or suicide
– Survivors of anti-LGBT violence
– The families and friends of LGBT people lost to violence whose murders are unsolved
– LGBT people who have survived hardship, discrimination, loss, or violence and would like to share their experiences

We speak to all who want to share, whether you are the survivor or the victim’s sister or their friend from high school. If you have something to share, you have a story.

The general link to our website is here, FAQs can be found here, stories already shared here. Facebook page is here. We’re more than happy to speak one-on-one with anyone who would like to know more. If interested, contact Meg or Alice at and we will be in touch.

Authors: Meg and Alice


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