Alice joined the team in 2014 and currently serves as co-director of the Stories Project alongside Meg. She is responsible for organizing the annual Week of Action event and managing incoming messages and requests. Born and raised in “Pennsyltucky,” Pennsylvania and having come of age in the era of second-wave feminism and AIDS activism, she describes herself as intimately familiar with the thin line that separates prejudice from violence. In 1988, one particular act of anti-gay violence hit especially close to home for her: twenty minutes from where she and her partner had begun to carve out a life for themselves, in a state forest they frequented, another same-sex couple was assaulted, resulting in the death of one of the women involved. The murder frightened Alice and her partner so badly they went back into the closet for another three years. Now a mother of five children including two who fall on the LGBT spectrum, she is committed to changing the culture that still often enables and encourages violence against LGBT people.