Not Us – A Warning

We wouldn’t have this tab pinned at the top of the site if there wasn’t a need for it – and it’s been proven to us time and time again that there is a need for it. An individual who has harassed the creators of the projects for several years is pretending to have strange connections to us, our projects, and at least one of the victims. Though she uses many names, we’re reasonably confident it’s the same person each time, and while we don’t believe she’s a danger to us or the victims’ families, it’s a nuisance for us to have to clean up the messes she makes. That said, we are putting this up as both an official statement and a warning.

Be wary of anyone who claims or does any of the following. In our experience, these have been red flags that we are dealing with this person, who has proven on multiple occasions that she enjoys harassing LGBT people. We don’t believe she has gone so far as to contact the victims’ families, but we can’t be certain, and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that she would do something like that. So please stay alert and be careful who you trust with your stories. If something seems off, it probably is. Anyone worth their salt would be open and upfront about what they’re doing and why. We’re not opposed to being checked out beforehand and we are all happy to answer any questions you may have.

Warning Signs

– Claims to have an odd connection to any of the victims (reincarnation, seeing their spirits), particularly Rebecca Wight. In case you were wondering, all four members of the Stories Project Team identify with agnosticism/atheism/skepticism. Not that that should necessarily make a difference, as none of us would ever publicly claim to have these kinds of connections to hate crime victims even if we were religious, especially to those who loved and lost them. This seems to be her go-to method for trying to manipulate a person and play on their emotions.

– Claims to have a daughter or is pregnant with a daughter named Rebecca, often in tandem with claiming this child has an odd connection to Rebecca Wight. We’ve been given absolutely no reason to believe this child Rebecca exists at all.

– Claims to be in possession of certain crime scene and/or autopsy photos, often in tandem with threatening to send them to you unexpectedly. We’ve confirmed she’s done this to us as well as two of the people we’ve spoken with, but please rest assured that, though a repulsive thing to threaten people with, under Pennsylvania law, there is absolutely no way she has the photos she claims to have in her possession. We know this because, in light of her threats, we attempted to access them ourselves to prove there was no way she could have them, and we were denied.

– Claims to run the Stories Project or the Week of Action alongside us, or in any way helps oversee either project. Meg, Alice, Taliyah, and Maya are the only four members of the Stories Project Team. As of 2015, we do have guest bloggers from time to time, but any guest bloggers or individuals temporarily in charge of the projects will be announced and introduced by us on the website. She will never be one of them, no matter what name she uses.

– Posts personal information while claiming to be one of us. Any and all project business is conducted through the email address listed in the “Contact” tab at the top of the site –

– The text of her posts are identical or almost identical to posts found here; she may claim the posts are her original content. We have a website for a reason; it doesn’t benefit us to plagiarize ourselves on other websites or forums. If the text is the same as or very similar to a post on this site but there’s no credit or a link to the article on our blog, it’s not being posted by us and she absolutely does not have our permission to be using our work in this way.

– Does not keep an email address for any extended period of time. If you suspect you may have received a message from this person, try messaging her again after a couple of months have passed. In all the time we have known her, we have never known her to leave an email address open past four months. If her first message was odd and your reply bounces later, it was probably this person.

– Tells grandiose or impossible tales. You’ll know them when you see them. While this isn’t uncommon for your garden variety troll, with her this often goes along with claiming to have odd connections to the victims. She does not seem to care if you know they are lies, nor does she care when called out, and she may even come across as wanting to get caught. In our experience, she uses impossible tales to shake things up before moving on to troll a new site or person.

– Red flag names. See below.
First name: Anna, Anne, Annie, Anneliese, Annelise, Annalise, Annalisa, Cadence, Callie, Cali, Calla, Calista, Caliste, Lise, Lisa, Lisie, Lissie, Lyssie
Second name: Fleur, Lila, Lilly, Lily, Lisa, Lise, Logan, Robinson, Rose, White, Wight, Williams, Wilson, Violet

When we interacted in the past, she used the name Anna Lisa but we’ve seen her use so many different names across so many sites that it’s hard to keep up with the name she’s currently using. The handles we’ve found or been made aware of have been largely two-word names similar to Anna Lisa, and we’ve included some of them above. But keep in mind, she’s also used our names, so your best bet is to look for the behaviors we’ve outlined above in combination with these names, and exercise appropriate caution.

We’re not sure when exactly she became aware of the blog or the projects, but we have found her using our information without our permission as early as 2010. If you happen to discover a new corner of the net she is continuing to do this in, we urge you to report the posts, report the poster, and shoot us an email so we know where and how to proceed. It goes without saying that we are very angry this person is using our names, our projects, and the victims to manipulate others. We work hard to make these projects what they are and we will not stand for anyone attempting to bring us down or using the names and stories of the victims in their own twisted games.