Collaboration with Kery Anderson

In 2014, Meg’s work with The Stories Project and LGBT activism introduced her to Kery Anderson, an incarcerated artisan who specializes in the creation of beaded jewelry and leather goods. After making contact through a pen pal program designed to send holiday cards to people in prison, our team formed a collaboration with Kery that resulted in the re-puposing of Meg’s Etsy store BijouxtifulBeads as the new home of PrisonCrafted, a collection of his handcrafted leather goods and beaded jewelry.

With his release date quickly approaching, it is essential for Kery to build a solid foundation on which he can develop a life for himself after prison. The Stories Project team works with him to develop the resources he needs to achieve his dreams and goals. In addition to managing PrisonCrafted at BijouxtifulBeads, we send him information about reentry programs and grants available to ex-convicts and small business owners.

A purchase from us is a purchase which directly supports marginalized members of society, with 80% of all funds going into a fund for the artist, Kery, to be distributed to him upon release, and 20% going into an emergency fund set up by the Stories Project which awards monetary gifts to LGBT people in poverty.

We offer a wide variety of unique jewelry and accessories – from bracelets and earrings to leather handbags and wallets and much more. We are also proud to offer special collections from time to time, such as rainbow jewelry for Gay Pride month and Seahawks items for sports fans who want to show their spirit.

Visit us at BijouxtifulBeads or check out Kery’s full portfolio on Facebook.