The Week of Action

The Week of Action is an annual event that takes place during the first or second week of May – a combination of a vigil and a call for change centered around action, awareness, and activism in a way that remembers the past, pushes for change in the present, and offers promise for the future. During the week, everyone who takes part is challenged to do something positive for the LGBT community, whatever that means for them – something that makes the world a little better and a little safer for LGBT people to exist, in remembrance of those who lived and died in a world where that was not the case. While each year’s Week of Action will be slightly different in operation, its message and purpose will remain the same.

This event, which is now going into its fifth year, was designed to coexist alongside similar dates, like the Day of Silence, that carve out space throughout the year to remember the victims of anti-LGBT violence and suicide. Meg created what she took to calling “the Week of Action Movement” after she noticed that invariably, every year, that event came with the same argument: wouldn’t a Day of Activism or Day of Action be more effective? Because she felt having somber, reflective events and events centered around action were equally important, she decided to come up with her own that combined both but focused on the latter and could be undertaken by a single individual as easily as a large group.

The Week of Action 2016 will run Monday, May 9 through Sunday, May 15. Check back closer to the date for more information on what we’re doing this year and what you can do to take part!