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Rebecca Wight

Mark Brady, a friend and classmate.
Karen Poiani, a friend of Rebecca and Claudia Brenner.
Wayne Wilcox, a friend and classmate.
Judy Wight, Rebecca’s youngest sister.
Christine Thomas, a friend and classmate.
Mary Wilson, a friend and classmate.

Cathleen “Cathy” Thomas

Bill Thomas, Cathy’s older brother.

Julianne “Julie” Williams

The Rev. Rebecca Strader, Julie’s minister.

Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder

Clea Matson, Gary and Winfield’s daughter.

Stories from Survivors

– Meg, a youth who survived an anti-gay assault as a teenager.
(Note: Because she does not want to be the focus of the Stories Project, Meg’s story is only visible during the Week of Action.)
Clayton Ham, a youth who wanted to share his experiences of being openly gay in high school.
Tessa Crawford, a youth who has been touched by both suicide and homicide.
Jazmin Johnson, a transgender woman who refuses to be defined as anything but a human being and a survivor.
(Note: Jazmin’s story has been locked temporarily due to safety concerns. It will be put back online at her discretion.)
Eve X, a survivor of abuse, rape, and same-sex intimate partner violence.

In Progress

– Aviva Maxwell, a survivor of anti-trans violence who wanted to share her experiences at the intersection of race, gender, and social class.
– Taliyah Parker, a woman who has been personally touched by both suicide and homicide.